Original artwork "Together” by MajorLink.

Original artwork "Together” by MajorLink.

MajorLink “Together” - A Zelda Animation (2018) [Short Animation]

Music for the Major Link's latest YouTube project: 
"Together - A Zelda Animation" 

Original video can be found here: 

It was an absolute pleasure to work on this project with Major Link. Each melody represents a twist on the beautiful musical nostalgia found within the music of the Zelda franchise. I hope this project makes you tingle with nostalgia and fond memories!

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Original photo "The Last Guide" by New Art Riot

Original photo "The Last Guide" by New Art Riot

The Last Guide (2018) [Short Documentary]

Official Soundtrack from the award-winning short film documentary "The Last Guide" presented by New Art Riot.


"After nearly a decade of modest fame, Frank Kuiack, the last fishing guide in Algonquin Park, reflects on his darkened past and the story of his redemption that followed." 

Director: Cristian Gomes 
Director of Photography: Andy Youn 
Editor: Aidan Cheeatow 
Composer: Ian Aisling

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