Ian Aisling is a Canadian composer, producer and arranger. He studies music as an improvisational and compositional art and is constantly seeking new ways to merge his musical ideas with the likes of others. Ian loves the idea of telling a story through music, and bases all of his creations around this concept. As a piano player, he is always searching for ways to engage listeners emotionally. Whether it's through live recording, virtual composition, or handwritten scores, Ian is fully capable of expressing his musical ideas and merging them with the ideas of others.

In his studio, Ian is well practiced with several of the industry standard computer programs. For MIDI composition and track recording, he uses Logic X. He is also very fluent with the music notation software Sibelius 7. When composing music electronically, Ian is experienced with many virtual instruments from leading brands such as Spitfire Audio, 8Dio, and Native Instruments. He is frequently up-to-date with modern technology and is always searching for and creating new sounds to add to his ever-growing library. 

Ian is frequently inspired by countless genres of music and openly explores all compositional possibilities. He sets a very high standard when composing and continues to study all forms of music while maintaining a positive and adventurous attitude.